How to Install

How to make Screen With Envy garden screens freestanding? 

It is very easy to make Screen With Envy garden screens freestanding to create stand-alone garden features or borders in the outside space. We produce a range of custom designed posts, which work specifically with all our garden screens. They have a channel in the side into which the screen slots into. We also have corner posts if you need to make right angles with the screens.


Can your posts be used on any surface?


Yes! When you are adding your posts to your cart you have the choice of base plate. Base plate refers to what will be on the bottom of your posts. We have 3 options –

  1. Cement base plate - Select this if you want to set your screens into concrete.
  2. Base plate for hard surface - Select this is you want to drill your posts into a hard surface like decking or pavers.
  3. Freestanding base plates – These are designed for interior use as they are moveable and not permanently fixed.


Do I have to use Screen With Envy posts?


No, absolutely not! Our screens can be drilled directly into any surface. For clients that do not want to use our posts you can drill the screens into normal wooden batons, that in turn could be set in concrete, or drilled into walls and fences. You could also paint your wooden batons to match the colour of the screens. This is a very cost effective way of installing Screen With Envy screens for those familiar with DIY. We would normally recommend using our posts if the screens are going to be viewed from both sides, as this is more attractive. If the screens are only visible from the front then running wooden batons or posts up the back is a great solution.

Garden privacy screen by Screen With Envy installed in oak fence posts


I want to use Screen With Envy garden screens horizontally? How?


We have a range of half height posts that are designed specifically for use with our garden screens on their side. Click here to see them.


Screen With Envy's half height post installed with garden privacy screens to make a balustrade



Can I use Screen With Envy screens to clad an ugly fence?

Yes! We have designed a range of 5mm screens are specifically used to clad existing fences or walls. They are made of our signature weatherproof composite but are light enough to not weigh down your fence. See how to install here.. 


Can I use Screen With Envy garden screens with other posts I have?

Yes for sure. You can drill into the screens to you can connect them to any wooden or cement posts that you may have already in place.

Cream garden screens installed to screen a fence with concrete posts 


How can I attach Screen With Envy garden screens to brick or rendered walls?

You can drill the screens directly onto brick or rendered walls. One of the best qualities’ of our screens is they do not expand and contract in the ways that a wood or a plastic screen wood. As such you can drill it on a hard surface without it cracking or splitting in wet weather.


Can I use Screen With Envy products inside?

Yes! We initially started out as a garden screen company but many, many, clients use our products indoors due to the high quality finish of our products. If you want to install indoors you can drill through the screens into your walls or you can use adhesive strips (like command strips). Obviously check the weight of the screen you have and that your walls are able to support it.

Screen With Envy trellis installed indoors as wall art


I want to install the products above a low wall to add privacy, can I do this?


Yes, this is a very popular way our clients use Screen With Envy products. Simply use wooden batons to create a frame or support in the same way you would do if you were installing a normal wooden trellis.


Can I use Screen With Envy's garden screens as part of a pergola? 

Yes, absolutely! Our screens can be drilled directly into pergola frames to completely transform them. They can be used as the roof or down the sides. As they are weatherproof they will not need any ongoing maintenance or painting. 

Laser cut pergola with garden screens by Screen With Envy

Can I use Screen With Envy garden screens to screen around my hot tub? 


Yes!! As our screens do not get affected by water and humidity the same way that wood or metal products would, they are a fantastic way to add privacy around pools and hot tub areas. 

Hot tub privacy idea by Screen With Envy garden privacy screens

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